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YG Displays Amazing “Swag” On New Single

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The album artwork to “Swag” is outstanding!

YG is back and better than ever! Seriously, the last couple of singles he released didn’t quite resonate with me. “Swag,” his latest single, is something that I think is better than sliced bread with all kinds of secret sauce on it.

“Swag” oozes of impeccable energy. From the moment you press play on the song, you are greeted to a beat that has colorful vibes and a helluva bounce attached to it. Over the beat, you get a chance to hear YG animatedly remind folks that he’s on the way to the bag, that he’s smashing the baddest of chicks, that he’s riding around with a pistol, and that he has unbelievable swag. The combination of the beat and YG’s exuberance should strike a chord with you.

I like YG when he doesn’t try hard to be something that he isn’t.

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