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Kyle, Tyga & Johnny Yukon Join Forces For “Money Now”


KYLE, Tyga & Johnny Yukon


KYLE, Tyga & Johnny Yukon bless us with summertime heat.

KYLE has had a pretty solid 2020. In the last couple of months, he has released a few singles that I really f**k with. Today, KYLE has decided to return to the music scene with “Money Now” — yet another banger that tickles my ear.

On “Money Now,” KYLE raps/sings about his rough past, his current success, and his outstanding future. Though the California native sounds goofy as s**t on the song, he does bless us with some pretty solid punchlines.

Johnny Yukon and Tyga absolutely shine on “Money Now.” While the former gifts us with a hook that is both braggadocios and melodic, the latter hits us with a bossed up verse that has him talking down to flunkies like myself.

Don’t you love it when KYLE spits bars over kiddy hip-hop beats?

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