Lund, Lil Skies & Noah Cyrus


Supposedly, “Broken” is a song that a lot of people like…

If you aren’t familiar with Lund, it’s OK, I’m not familiar with him, her or them either. With that being said, he, her or them created a hot-ass song called “Broken” a while back that has just been remixed by Lil Skies and Noah Cyrus.

“Broken” is one of those chilling alternative rock songs that you would probably hear in a lit-ass haunted house. Not only does the song feature a beat that is terrifying, but you also get a vocal performance by Noah Cyrus in which she sounds like the girl from The Ring. As for Lil Skies, I thought he absolutely murdered (No pun intended) his part on the song by hitting us with a verse that contains tongue-twisting flows and vulnerable lyrics.

After listening to this song, I’m scared to go to my basement…