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J. Cole Morphs Into Young Simba On “Lion King On Ice”

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J. Cole


J. Cole decided to drop a club banger that is full of knowledgable bars.

J. Cole is back and hungrier than ever! Today, he decided to release Lewis Street — a project that is shorter than 42 Dugg but very powerful. One of the songs on the project is “Lion King On Ice” — a song that is experimental like 42 Dugg but very powerful.

Who said J. Cole was boring!? On “Lion King On Ice,” the North Carolina native blesses us with an unbelievably infectious hook, flows that your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper will struggle to try to emulate, memorable melodies, lyrics that are both gangsta and wisdom-filled, and a beat that will turn clubs upside down and make mamas cry. If “Lion King On Ice” is the true first single off of The Fall Off, Cole did s**t right!

2020 is starting to turn around!

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