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Mariah Carey & Lauryn Hill Join Forces For “Save The Day”

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Mariah Carey & Lauryn Hill

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Two of music’s biggest stars from the 90s unite for “Save The Day.”

2020 keeps 2020ing. Today, a song featuring Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill called “Save The Day” has hit the net! Even though the latter isn’t on it much, her influence is written all over it.

“Save The Day” steals a few elements from The Fugees’s “Killing Me Softly” hit from back in the day (Mainly the beat and some of the song’s melodies). Besides that, you get a performance by Mariah Carey that is absolutely stunning on the song! Not only does she hit notes that are higher than Texas’ coronavirus numbers, but she also blesses us with some pretty powerful lyrics. All in all, “Save The Day” is a song that you need to save to your music library.

Listen to “Save The Day” at the top of the page.

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