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Tash Hagz Holds Nothing Back On “Images Of Imogen”

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Tash Hagz

“Images of Imogen” is an alt-rock gem!

First and foremost, we know that Tash Hagz (aka Mike Shields) is a genius because he has an outstanding nickname. After you press play on the video below, you will be convinced that he is a talented musician, too. On “Images Of Imogen,” the Birmingham-based artist absolutely shines by blessing us with a stirring vocal performance and powerful lyrics.

Tash Hagz calls “Images Of Imogen” a “beautiful, haunting surefire authentic alt-rock hit;” I agree with him. Not only does the song feature an instrumental that is both multi-faceted and electrifying, but it also features a vocal performance that is both hypnotizing and moving, and lyrics that are both comforting and chilling. By the time you are finished listening to “Images Of Imogen,” you will feel highly satisfied.

Listen to “Images Of Imogen” by Tash Hagz below.


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