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Fivio Foreign & Polo G Turn Up On “Bop It”


Fivio Foreign & Polo G


Should you dance or mean mug to this song?

Fivio Foreign and Polo G are two of the best young rappers in the game right now. While the former usually makes Brooklyn drill music, the latter mainly focuses on making emotional trap music. Today, Fivio Foreign and Polo decided to drop “Bop It,” a song that will make you dance (Confusing, right?).

I love how Fivio Foreign stays true to his arrogant/braggadocios ways on “Bop It.” I also like how Polo G stays true to his street-certified/violent ways on the song. With that being said, the best thing about the song is that it boasts vibes that will turn clubs, bandos, basements, pool parties, and Bar Mitzvahs up!

Doesn’t it sound like every day is Friday for Fivio Foreign? Also, doesn’t it sound like every day is Monday for Polo G?

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