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Lil Wayne Hops On Pop Smoke’s “Iced Out Audemars” Remix


Pop Smoke & Lil Wayne


“Iced Out Audemars” just got Tunchified!

Pop Smoke’s Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon album is sitting at number 3 on the Billboard charts right now, even though it released in July. Today, a remix of one of the hottest songs on the album, “Iced Out Audemars,” has officially hit the net.

In this remix to “Iced Out Audemars,” Lil Wayne reminds the world that he is swimming in money, that he is violent, that he is one of the biggest playas in the world, and that he loves blurring the line between rapping and singing. If you are a fan of Wayne when he raps like a madman, you will love this song.

Pop Smoke was a superstar in the making…

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