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Billie Eilish Sounds Cold As Hell On “Therefore I Am”


Billie Eilish


Who said that zombies couldn’t dance?

Billie Eilish can literally do whatever the hell she wants. At the tender age of 18, she already has Grammys, hit records, and one helluva SNL performance under her belt. With that being said, today, Billie decided to release “Therefore I Am,” a song that would make the late great Carrie proud.

“Therefore I Am” is a Halloween anthem that people can also get down to. The instrumental to the song straddles the line between funky and creepy, Billie Elish’s vocal performance straddles the line between soulful and creepy, and the lyrics Eilish blesses us with straddles the line between defiant and creepy.

Throughout these last couple of months, Billie Eilish has shown that she is more ‘Thriller’ than ‘Billie Jean.’

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