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Juicy J – The Hustle Continues (Album Review)

Juicy J jampacks “The Hustle Continues” with outstanding beats, tons of features, and interesting song titles.





“Gah Damn High” is yet another hit by Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa.

Do you know what I love about Juicy J? He likes to stick to a sound that he is good at. In other words, don’t expect him to make music that galvanizes freedom writers; expect him to make music that galvanizes strippers and stoners. With that being said, “Gah Damn High” is a hard-hitting banger that features raps by both Juicy and Wiz Khalifa that are reckless, inappropriate, and probably shameful. (I like reckless, inappropriate, and shameful music, though)

I absolutely love how “Gah Damn High” completely switches up when Wiz Khalifa starts rapping.




If you’re broke, you may want to press skip when “Spend It” plays on your iPod (I guess someone who isn’t broke can afford an iPod).

I can see booties bouncing, bosses counting money, and janitors mopping floors exuberantly to “Spend It.” The song features a sinister trap beat that  Lil Baby, Juicy J, and 2 Chainz all spit braggadocios bars over. While Baby sounds like he recorded his verse in a hot tub, Juicy and 2 Chainz sound like they recorded their verses after taking some Adderall. 



3. PO UP

Juicy J and A$AP Rocky pay homage to the fallen on “Po Up.”

I absolutely love how Juicy J and A$AP Rocky effortlessly ride the exhilarating beat that powers “Po Up.” I also love how the two rappers bounce between cocky, humble, paranoid, and horny on the song.

Man, “Po Up” just made me crack open the Eggnog that I was saving for Christmas (You can get very drunk off Eggnog, folks).




“She Gon Pop It” sounds like a sequel to “Hot Girl Summer.”

“She Gon Pop It” will end up being the biggest record off this The Hustle Continues album. Not only does it feature a chorus that is beyond infectious (Kudos to Ty Dolla $ign and Megan Thee Stallion), but it also features lyrics that will empower both strippers and big spenders, and an uptempo beat that will make even a retired plumber drop it down low.



1. 1995

Juicy J’s new right-hand man, Logic, goes off on “1995!”

“1995” is powered by a beat that is just as soulful as it is badass. Over it, Logic and Juicy J both reminisce about their impressive come-ups. While the former hits us with killer punchlines, killer flows, and intriguing lyrics on his verse, the latter chooses to rap like a dude that is sipping on some spiked coffee on his.


1. BEST GROUP (4/5)

2. GAH DAMN HIGH (4/5)

3. SPEND IT (4/5)

4. PO UP (4/5)

5. KILLA (4/5)



8. 1995 (5/5)

9. WHAT I NEED (4/5)

10. SHAWTY BAD (3/5)

11. LOAD IT UP (3/5)

12. SHE GON POP IT (4/5)

13. MEMPHIS TO LA (4/5)

14. DATZ WHAT IT IZ (3/5)

15. IN A MIN (3/5)

16. I CAN’T STOP (3/5)




Juicy J’s sound has heavily influenced the music that you hear today. With that being said, I feel like The Hustle Continues is a sixteen-track reminder that Juicy still has a lot left in the tank.

I absolutely love the beats that you hear on The Hustle Continues. Literally, every single one of them will turn a packed nightclub, strip club, and rogue church upside down. I also like how Juicy J doesn’t step outside of his comfort zone on the album; instead, he hits us with flows that we’ve heard before, basic punchlines, and lyrics that your average stoner/party-goer/hyper-ass dude can relate to (Hey, there’s no need for him to change his stripes now).

Historically, rappers have murdered Juicy J beats. Well, on The Hustle Continues, you get to hear Lil Baby2 ChainzWiz KhalifaMegan Thee StallionTy Dolla $ignKey GlockConway The MachineA$AP RockyYoung DolphJay Rock, and Logic all murder Juicy J beats. Matter of fact, I can tell that some folks took it upon themselves to carry a few songs on the album.

At 45, Juicy J still understands how to make music that hip-hop fans today want to hear. Kudos must go to him for making an impact on the game for so long!

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