Güz Erdem

Never take curative music like “Transcendence” for granted.

Güz Erdem is too talented for his own good. Not only is he a fantastic singer, but he also plays all of the instruments that you hear in his songs, he mixes and records his music in his home studio, and he even creates album covers. On Güz’s latest release, “Transcendence,” you get music that sounds both soothing and well-structured.

I recommend that you let “Transcendence” take full control of your mind, body, and soul. Throughout the song, Güz Erdem does a great job of blessing us with a therapeutic vocal performance and an instrumental that boasts smooth jazz vibes. He also does a great job of hypnotizing listening with his words (I’m under your spell, Güz).

Give “Transcendence” a shot below! (It’s a very beautiful song)