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caco Blends Smooth Vibes & Unapologetic Rap Bars On “and I know”

and i know


OVERALL RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“and i know” will hit streaming services on January 15th.

caco is a saxophonist, a producer, a singer, a rapper, and probably an accountant. What makes his music hella interesting is that it usually features psychedelic, lo-fi hip-hop, and alternative R&B vibes. On January 15th, caco will release his first single, “and I know.” Because I’m a lucky son of a gun, I’ve gotten a chance to hear the song, and I think that it is fantastic!

“and I know” is therapeutic, groovy, dynamic, poetic, and slightly trill. While the song features both an easygoing jazz instrumental and laid back harmonies by both Sen Raines and caco, you do get impactful rap bars from the latter.

Speaking of caco’s impactful rap bars, they should resonate with anyone that is chasing their dreams, anyone that is ready for the trials and tribulations that come with success, and anyone that has got it out of the mud. When I decide to go after my Ph.D., I plan on bumping this song nonstop.

Kudos to caco, Sen Raines (Vocals, bass guitar), Derick Campos (Solo guitar), Stephen Oduro (Drums), Chris Hedden (Extra production), Hansel Romero (Extra production, mixing), and Joshua Pleeter (Mastering) for their contributions to this well-structured song.










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