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DaBaby Bigs Up His Woman & Talks Hella S**t In “Masterpiece”




“Masterpiece” is one of the most romantic/intimidating songs that I’ve ever heard!

DaBaby had an up-and-down 2020. While he made a lot of money, he also lost his brother. Today, the North Carolina rapper decided to release “Masterpiece,” a song that indicates that his romantic life is kosher, his money is long, and his temper is short.

Jesus Christ, DaBaby talks so much s**t on “Masterpiece.” Throughout the song, he threatens rappers, he bigs up his gun, and he proclaims himself to be the best thing since sliced bread. He also talks about his main chick in a way that is both adorable and rude. As for the flows that he raps with, they are explosive, unique, and impressive.

Do ya’ll think that DaBaby will one day go down as an all-time great rapper?

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