BRS Kash, DaBaby & City Girls


“Throat Baby” has to be the most disrespectful title in hip-hop history.

I’m not going to lie, I am reluctant to add “Throat Baby” to my iTunes library. I am no saint; I just think the song is weird as f**k. Whatever the case may be, I may have to download this remix that features DaBaby and City Girls (Nah, probably not).

“Throat Baby” is already vulgar as f**k; this remix to the song is vulgar with a cherry on top. Following in BRS Kash’s sick-ass footsteps, DaBaby hits us with an obnoxious melody and lyrics that will probably turn on the ratchetest hood rats in America. As for City Girls, they brashly let the world know that they are ready to apply for a Sr. Throat Baby position.

If you are a girl and you are turned on by being called ‘Throat Baby,’ you probably need Jesus.