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Trey Songz Releases “Brain” After His Alleged Sex Tape Leak


Trey Songz


Trigga Trey has been in the news for some interesting reasons these last couple of days.

Women all over the world paid zero attention at work yesterday, and that’s because Trey Songz’s alleged sex tape found its way onto the internet. Instead of boohooing or calling on Nev Schulman to investigate the matter, Trey decided to release a brand new single called “Brain” (This brotha is a genius!).

“Brain” is the type of jam that you would hear in a Disney movie freak’s bedroom. The song has some slow jam, some bounce, some romanticism, and some explicitness in it. If you are in need of spicing your dull-ass sex life up, I say you give it a shot!

Mr. Steal Your Girl does it again (That bastard!)

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