Freddie Gibbs & ScHoolboy Q


Freddie Gibbs & ScHoolboy Q are cut from the same savage cloth.

If you love rap music, you probably love Freddie Gibbs and ScHoolboy Q. If you love Freddie Gibbs and ScHoolboy Q, you probably love rap music. Today, the two rappers decided to release their smooth but gangsta-ass collaboration single called “Gang Signs.”

I love how the beat that powers “Gang Signs” feels on my soul (That s**t boasts both uplifting and smooth vibes). I also love how the trill-ass lyrics that both Freddie and ScHoolboy hit us with on their respective verses feels on my ghetto heart (The two rappers talk about being strapped at all times, beating cases, and stiff-arming cops in the song).

Give the hood-therapeutic “Gangs Signs” a shot and a half below.