“Redefine” is a great replacement for alarm clocks and coffee.

Alphoenix is a Japanese Heavy Metal band that you need to pay very close attention to. What I love about them is that they like to let their guitars bleed and their vocals be free. “Redefine,” Alphoenix’s latest single, is a track that I think is too riveting to ignore.

“Redefine” is powered by an instrumental that WILL shake up a club if it’s played on some speakers with some serious bass. Over the instrumental, the lead singer of Alphoenix hits us with a vocal performance that is everything from aggressive to comforting to plain ole scary.

While I don’t understand what is being said in “Redefine,” if I were to guess, the song is about being confident in who you are.

The stunning guitar riffs, the powerful melodies, and the infectious drum patterns make “Redefine” a song that you shouldn’t ignore.

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