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Clever – Crazy (Album Review)

Clever shines in the very impressive “Crazy.”






A couple of stars burst onto the scene in “Skittles” (You like what I did there?).

“Skittles” is powered by a beat that is on some drill/churchy/hardcore rap s**t. Over it, Clever and Lil Baby talk about beating cases, toting guns, and pulling up on folks. While the former sings at the top of his lungs, the latter sounds triller than a muthaf**ka.

I really like how Lil Baby sounds on dramatic songs.



Clever and Post Malone add powerful contributions to Juice WRLD’s “Life A Mess II.”

Juice WRLD was one of the few hip-hop artists that were able to make music that touched my soul. In my opinion, one of Juice’s most powerful songs is “Life’s A Mess” with Halsey. “Life’s A Mess II” is an even more riveting version of “Life’s A Mess.”

Juice WRLD’s contributions to “Life’s A Mess II” will sound familiar to you. What won’t quite sound familiar to you is the song’s instrumental (It’s a stripped-down version of the instrumental from the original version) and both Post Malone and Clever’s smooth vocals and emotional lyrics. Whatever the case may be, “Life’s A Mess II” might just make you tear up.

I can tell that Clever looked up to Juice WRLD quite a bit (He even pays homage to him in “99” and “Dreams”)




Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to have Rolls Royce problems (Right now, I have Kia Sorrento problems)?

From the moment that I saw Chris Brown’s name featured on this song, I knew that I was in for some climactic s**t. Throughout “Rolls Royce Umbrella,” both Chris and Clever hit us with touching vocal performances, intoxicating melodies, and lyrics that will make you think that the two singers sacrificed their minds, bodies, and souls for success.

I don’t think I want fame anymore… I’m good with a swimming pool, a dog, and endless episodes of Black Mirror.




I’m not calling Clever, Lil Wayne, or Isaiah Lyric “nobody” when they killed this song.

For folks that are new to Clever, the first track on Crazy that will catch your attention isCall Me Nobody.” Yes, the song is just as dramatic as the other songs on the album, but this one features lyrics that will give you a chance to understand what motivates the Alabama musician to go hard as hell. This song also features a riveting verse by Lil Wayne in which he talks about square dancing with the devil.

How can you not be blown away by this song?




Clever sings passionately about substance abuse in “Use Again.”

Clever puts up a mesmerizing performance in “Use Again.” Not only does he hit us with a soul-clenching vocal performance, but he also toys with unbelievable melodies and opens up fearlessly about the ups-and-downs that go into being a highly-sought-after superstar in the music world.

On some real s**t, “Use Again” is one of the best songs I’ve heard this year.


1. JULY (4/5)

2. USE AGAIN (4/5)

3. IN MY EAR (3/5)



6. WAY OUT (3/5)


8. LIFE’S A MESS II (5/5)

9. 99 (N/A)

10. DREAMS (4/5)

11. IT’S ALL BAD (4/5)

12. SKITTLES (4/5)




I can honestly say that I’ve never heard an album like Crazy. Clever’s sound can only be described as dramatic.

Here are a few things that I LIKE about Crazy:

  • Clever gives us 150% effort on every single song on the album. You can’t say that Clever didn’t try on Crazy at all. From the moment that you press play on the album, you are treated to high-octane vocal performances and lyrics that sound like they came directly from the heart. Clever also made sure to pick nothing but intriguing instrumentals to sing over.
  • The album features a bunch of high-profile names but doesn’t rely on those high-profile names to succeed. Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, Post Malone, and Chris Brown all do major work on Crazy. Interestingly, the musicians acquiesce to Clever’s style
  • I love how Clever pays homage to Juice WRLD on the album. I feel like people are afraid of letting folks know that they have idols these days. In Crazy, not only does Clever let us know that he’s a major fan of Juice WRLD, but he dedicates four songs to him on the album. Good work, Clever.
  • Cheers to vulnerability. Clever lets his heart bleed to the white meat in Crazy. The way he opens up about his turbulent lifestyle, paranoia, and violent ways is astonishing. We must protect vulnerable musicians at all costs.

Here are a few things that I DISLIKE about Crazy:

  • There’s not enough Post Malone on the album. It would’ve been nice to hear Post Malone (Clever’s idol) on a few more songs on Crazy. Maybe Posty wanted to move out the way to let Clever shine all by his lonesome.

Trust me, there is not a single album that you will hear today that sounds like Crazy. I recommend that you give the album a shot and a half.

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