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Rod Wave – Soulfly (Album Review)

Rod Wave takes us all to trap church in the very powerful “Soulfly.”




Rod Wave does some storytelling in “Pills & Billz.”

“Pills & Billz” might not be the best song on this album, but it’s definitely the most powerful one (Actually, it might be tied for most powerful with like 14 other songs…). In it, Rod Wave talks about a hustler that suffered a drug-related demise. While you will probably pay attention to the Florida rapper’s words more than anything, do not sleep on the urgency that he sings/raps with throughout the song.




Rod Wave talks about missing his family while he’s on the road in “Street Runner.”

“Street Runner” is a very beautiful track. It is powered by this touching piano-laced beat (Kudos to TNTXD for making the beat), lovely melodies, and lyrics that should strike a chord with anyone that stiff-arms important people in their lives in favor of business.

I love this song because it is very relatable. We all haven’t gotten a chance to see people that we love in the last year thanks to dusty-ass COVID.




Rod Wave and Polo G make the perfect tandem in “Richer.”

“Richer” is probably the most uplifting song on “SoulFly.” Not only does it feature a beat that will make you bop your head, but you also get a version of Rod that legitimately sounds happy about the success that he’s been able to see these last couple of years. You also get a version of Polo G that has a pep to his step that is hella contagious (I have a pep to my step now, too! Time to make some waffles!).

“Richer” has to hit differently for people that got their stimulus check today.



In “Tombstone,” Rod Wave addresses his haters, his critics, his peers, and his lady that always talks about missing him. He also lets the world know that death crosses his mind quite a bit.

“Tombstone” definitely has a sacred feel attached to it, especially when the choir comes in on the hook and when Rod sings “finally” over and over again. Matter of fact, majority of the song is choir practice to the man.

No hype, the music video to “Tombstone” almost made me tear up. I won’t describe to you what happens in it, I just want you to watch it HERE.




Rod Wave talks about staying true to his hood ways in “Don’t Forget.”

Even though Rod Wave sings like an angel on tracks, I’m pretty sure that he ain’t soft. In “Don’t Forget,” he makes sure to remind us all that he came from the trenches, that he worked his ass off to get to where he is today, and that he is that dude that his city admires. While his verses are as gritty as it gets, Rod does bless us with a gentle vocal performance on the hook.

I can hear the pain, the tenacity, and the thankfulness in Rod’s voice in “Don’t Forget.”


1. SOULFLY (3/5)


3. BLAME ON YOU (3/5)

4. DON’T FORGET (4/5)

5. TOMBSTONE (4/5)

6. ALL I GOT (4/5)

7. RICHER (4/5)


9. PILLS & BILLZ (4/5)

9. HOW THE GAME GO (3/5)

10. SHOCK DA WORLD (4/5)

11. WHAT’S LOVE?? (3/5)

12. OMDB (3/5)


14. CALLING (4/5)

15. SNEAKY LINES (3/5)

17. BELIEVE ME (3/5)

18. MOVING ON (3/5)

19. CHANGING (4/5)




I can honestly say that I’ve never heard a musician like Rod Wave before. While I definitely believe he won’t hesitate to slap someone, he also has a soft side that permeates through his music. In SoulFly, Rod does exactly what you would expect him to do: He lets his soul fly.

I really hate to say it, but a good chunk of the songs on SoulFly follow the same exact formula: They each have emotional trap beats and uber passionate vocal performances. What I think makes the album fascinating/unique is how much Rod Wave opens up in it. Throughout it, he fearlessly talks about his shaky relationships, his marriage to the streets, his come-up, and his willingness to prove haters wrong. While the topics I mentioned may not sound all that interesting to you, you have to love how Rod overly-exaggerates (I mean this in a good way, too) the emotions that come with each topic I mentioned. Since everyone on this planet has been in a situation in which they were considered to be an underdog, I think the album will certainly resonate with you.

At the end of the day, this album is not bad; it’s just a little too long and not experimental enough. But if you are someone that is down to listen to emotional hip-hop music for a full hour, you will love this s**t.

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4 thoughts on “Rod Wave – Soulfly (Album Review)

  1. Mediocre album
    Album rating: 4.5/10
    Favorite tracks: Richer, Don’t forget
    Least favorite track: Tombstone

    1. Tombstone is my favorite track while i respect your opinion I’m gonna ave to strongly disagree the album is good overall it’s not life changing but is is definitely good

  2. honestly i think C is the farthest you can grade this album it could’ve been better but that’s just my opinion.i feel like he’s too predictable on every song and album.

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