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ChrisDaCEO – Make It Make Sense (Album Review)

ChrisDaCEO brings out his vulnerable, demon, and boss side in “Make It Make Sense.”


๐•‹๐•†โ„™ ๐Ÿ ๐•Š๐•†โ„•๐”พ๐•Š



ChrisDaCEO puts up a picturesque performance in the very explosive “Photos.”

Anytime that you give ChrisDaCEO a menacing trap beat, he never fails. With that being said, “Photos” is powered by a beat that is so menacing, it just tried to punk my strong-ass uncle. As for Chris, in the song, he hits us with a catchy hook, he hits us with braggadocios, ruthless, and godly lyrics, and he hits us with some of the trickiest flows you will hear today. In other words, Chris shows out on this song.




“Friction” is supposed to be about messy relationships but ends up being yet another trill anthem by ChrisDaCEO.

Throughout “Friction,” ChrisDaCEO vents about his chick’s lack of support when it comes to his career. While he sounds like a gentle singer for most of the song, he does switch between a heartbreaker and a cold-hearted gangsta lyrically. It’s pretty obvious that he wanted to simply get some s**t off his chest in the song.




In my very humbling opinion, “Hunger & Aggression” is the one track on Make It Make Sense that will resonate with a bunch of folks. Not only does Chris talk about the pressure that comes with being a father in the song, but he also talks about politics and more.

Aside from the deep content that ChrisDaCEO talks about in “Hunger & Aggression,” don’t sleep on the song’s flute-heavy beat and the infectious hook that he gifts us with (It’s the best hook on the album).



“Intro” features one of the smoothest beats that I’ve ever heard ChrisDaCEO rap over. Since this is the case, you get a version of the Cleveland rapper that is an open book.

ChrisDaCEO talks about being one of the realest out, about being ready for war, about stiff-arming trifling men and women, about putting his head down and grinding, and about street codes that he abides by. Even though the beat that powers the song is very relaxing (I never thought that I would say that about a ChrisDaCEO beat), Chris still comes across as aggressive, competitive, and triller than a muthaf**ka.

I’m telling you, ChrisDaCEO has never made a bad album intro in his life.




ChrisDaCEO turns into ChrisDaDEMON in the very tough “Understand What I’m Sayin.”

First and foremost, kudos must go to the person that produced the beat that you hear in “Understand What I’m Sayin.” That s**t knocked the Cheerios off the top from my fridge and almost made my car’s engine give out. Kudos must also go to ChrisDaCEO. Throughout the song, he does an impeccable job of reminding folks that he can give a damn about a trick, that he’s rocking only the dopest s**t, and that he likes to put folks in their places for fun. While he doesn’t hit us with dynamic flows, what he does do is stick his chest out throughout.

“Understand What I’m Sayin” is the type of banger that makes ChrisDaCEO unique.

๐•Š๐•†โ„•๐”พ ๐”น๐• ๐•Š๐•†โ„•๐”พ ๐”นโ„๐”ผ๐”ธ๐•‚๐”ป๐•†๐•Žโ„•

1. INTRO (4/5)

2. M’Z UP (3/5)

3. PHOTOS (3/5)

4. WANNA HEAR (3/5)



7. MULA (3/5)

8. SERVIN (3/5)

9. DEMON (3/5)


11. THUG SEX (3/5)

12. THIS PLACE (3/5)

13. FRICTION (4/5)

14. NO TALKIN (3/5)

15. MADE IT HAPPEN (4/5)

16. P.W.C. (3/5)

โ„๐”พ๐•„ ๐”พโ„๐”ธ๐”ป๐”ผ



I like the following things about Make It Make Sense:

  • The beats on the album are beyond phenomenal. Most are riveting, filled with tons of bass, and feature tons of tranquilzing vibes. Before ChrisDaCEO even says a word on most of the songs, you should already be nodding your head violently.
  • The songs in which Chris opens up about some relatable s**t. Throughout Make It Make Sense, you’re going to hear ChrisDaCEO rap about his boss ways a lot. While I’m cool with that, I do admit, I f**k with the songs in which he talks about his relationship with his baby mama, politics, and his come-up. Chris is a very intelligent dude, and he proves that on a few songs on the album.
  • How the album flows. I highly recommend that you listen to Make It Make Sense when you are in the mood for trap music. Even though the album starts out with a pretty emotional track, 85% of the album is filled with bangers that you can bump in any club that has hookah and bathrooms with dudes that sell mints.
  • The song titles. You can tell that a song is going to be fire just by looking at the title of it. For instance, I knew “Hunger & Aggression,” “Friction,” and “Big Azz Choppaz” were all going to be dope. Do you know someone else that had some fire titles? Nipsey Hussle.


I dislike the following thing about Make It Make Sense:

  • There are a few songs that sound like one another.ย Sometimes, it’s a little hard to dechiper between certain songs on Make It Make Sense. If you plan on listening to the album on shuffle, you may want to write the title of the songs that you like down.
  • There’s not enough melodies on the album. I told ChrisDaCEO that I want more melodies from him! The few melodies that he gifts us with are definitely appealing (He did tell me that this album is meant for him to get his s**t off).


Make It Make Sense is ChrisDaCEO’s 9th album (Damn, I can’t believe that he already has nine albums). While Chris does some things on it that are slightly different from what you are used to hearing out of him, for the most part, he gives us what we want: cold/unadulterated/emotional trap music.


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