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Young Stoner Life, Young Thug, Gunna – Slime Language 2 (Album Review)

Young Thug calls on a bunch of folks to help him complete the action-packed “Slime Language 2.”


𝕋𝕆ℙ 𝟝 π•Šπ•†β„•π”Ύπ•Š



Why y’all no like “Paid The Fine?” I scoured through Twitter to see folks’ response to Slime Language 2, and not a single person said that this was one of the best songs on the album…

Bruh, “Paid The Fine” features a very decent hook by YTB Trench and verses by Lil Baby, Young Thug, and Gunna in which they slide like folks that forget to put winter tires on their cars before major snowstorms and talk about their impressive come-ups and bi-polar love lives. Lemme guess, YTB Trench’s name/his verse at the end of the song threw you off? (Dag nabbit!)

I don’t care what any of y’all say, I’m abusing this “Paid The Fine” track. I could’ve picked “Proud Of You” as a top 5 song, but y’all done made me mad!



Anytime a hip-hop song has the word ‘moon’ in its title, Kid Cudi is probably involved in its making in some kind of way. Kid Cudi should definitely trademark the word (Hey, if LeBron James can trademark ‘Taco Tuesday,’ why can’t Kid Cudi trademark the word ‘moon’?)

“Moon” is a f**king mood! The song’s soothing beat literally stopped me from throwing my phone out the window for telling me that I don’t pay enough attention to my family (Y’all ever get checked by your iPhone about screentime usage, too?). Additionally, Strick’s highly infectious hook and irresistible flows made my heartburn symptoms dissipate, while Kid Cudi’s nurturing melodies and semi-aggressive/semi-playa verse made me feel a happy high. As for Young Thug’s slurry-ass verse, y’all can keep that s**t (That s**t reminds me of the days I tried to act normal during a work meeting when I am clearly hungover and intoxicated from the night before).




Casuals entered the chat when they saw that Drake was featured on “Solid.”

I’m pretty sure that the room was spinning when Gunna, Drake, and Young Thug made “Solid.” The way the shifty, easygoing, and slightly sacred beat moves along makes me want to upchuck. The good news is this: Drake’s slick-ass verse about vacationing in areas of London that we don’t know about and dealing with chicks that are shakier than Todd McShay’s mock drafts does allow me to hold some food down. Gunna’s outstanding verse about dodging chicks that are bad for his health also makes me want to start sipping on a White Claw again. As for Young Thug, his capricious verse on the song definitely makes me queasy all over again.




I don’t have diamonds in my arsenal, but I do have expensive-ass silverware. Am I allowed to make my silverware dance to this song?

There’s no way in hell that you can listen to “Diamond Dancing” sitting on your ass. The song features a bouncy beat, a hook that is catchy as f**k, both tricky and sturdy flows, effortlessly infectious melodies, and lyrics that will make you want to be cool like Travis Scott, Gunna, and Young Thug so bad, you might f**k around and ask the weird-looking doctors from Botched for a brand new headspace.



1. SKI

I legitimately believe that “Ski” could be 2021’s version of “Hot.”

There are not enough Young Thug and Gunna collaborations in this world. Do we have to keep our faucets running to get these guys to feel drippy enough to link up with one another? Anywho, in “Ski,” you get a back and forth between the two rappers that is on some sly, drippadocios, luxurious, mumbly, and hyped up s**t.

Personally, what I like about “Ski” is that it sounds like Thugger and Gunna are gliding over the song’s easy-going/oriental-sounding beat. Matter of fact, it doesn’t even sound like they are trying in the song at all (For some odd reason, Young Thug and Gunna songs sound dope as hell when it sounds like they are not trying).

π•Šπ•†β„•π”Ύ 𝔹𝕐 π•Šπ•†β„•π”Ύ π”Ήβ„π”Όπ”Έπ•‚π”»π•†π•Žβ„•

1. SLATTY (3/5)

2. SKI (4/5)


4. SOLID (4/5)

5. CAME AND SAW (4/5)

6. PAID THE FINE (4/5)

7. PROUD OF YOU (4/5)

8. REAL (3/5)

9. I LIKE (2/5)

10. WARRIOR (3/5)

11. POTS N PANS (3/5)

12. WOKSTAR (4/5)

13. SUPERSTAR (3/5)

14. CAME OUT (3/5)


16. TAKE IT TO TRIAL (3/5)

17. TRANCE (4/5)

18. GFU (3/5)

19. MOON MAN (4/5)

20. COME TO LLAMA (2/5)

21. RECKLESS (3/5)

22. THAT GO! (4/5)

23. MY CITY REMIX (4/5)




For an album that features 23 tracks, over two dozen guest appearances, and NAV, I am impressed!

All jokes aside, NAV absolutely murdered his verse in “Pots N Pans.” No kizzy (That’s what the kids are saying these days), his verse on the song is one of his best to date. Matter of fact, the amazing thing about Slime Language 2 is that you get some outstanding verses by a bunch of non-A-listers on the album. To be more specific, I absolutely love what Strick was able to do on “Wokstar,” what Lil Keed was able to do on both “Came Out” and “Warrior,” what Rowdy Rebel was able to do on “Came and Saw,” what Yung Bleu was able to do on “Trance,” and what YTB Trench was able to do on the hook to “Paid The Fine” (I don’t really f**k with his verse on the song).

At the end of the day, y’all clicked on Slime Language 2 because it features some heavy-hitters. Thankfully, the heavy-hitters don’t miss at all. I thought that Drake, Meek Mill (Who isn’t credited on the album for some odd reason), Lil Baby, Gunna, Big Sean (Big Sean is on some Where’s Waldo s**t on this album. You gon’ have to actually try to find him) Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, and Young Thug were outstanding at setting tones, taking s**t up a notch, sounding slimed the f**k out, and keeping our attention with their contributions. I’m so glad none of them mailed in their performances (Think about the Rick Ross compilation albums from the past. The folks featured on them mailed in their performances way too much).

I know this sounds basic as hell, but I have no doubt in my mind that Young Thug and his rich-ass friends are cooler than you and I. I feel like they push boundaries, create their own waves, and sound so f**king unbothered on this album. As someone that is remotely cool, I admire how comfortable they all are in their slimey-ass skin.

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7 thoughts on “Young Stoner Life, Young Thug, Gunna – Slime Language 2 (Album Review)

  1. Bad album
    Album rating: 4/10
    Favorite tracks: Proud of you, Came and Saw, Warrior
    Least favorite track: Superstar

  2. I knew you would like “Proud Of You” lol! I think this is a bit of a harsh grade, but as usual, I respect your opinion!

    1. My rating is solely due to the train-wreck of the second half of the album, with bad features, useless lyrics, repetitiveness, etc. The first half of the album was decent, and I personally would’ve given it a 6 if it was just that. The second half though had pretty unbearable songs (GFU, Superstar, Como to Llama, Trance, and Reckless to name some). Yes I really loved Proud of you. It was an unreleased snippet from two years ago and we finally got it.

  3. This was a good album. Here is my top 5:
    1. Proud of you
    2. Take it to the trial (this grew on me, I initially hated it)
    3. Came and saw
    4. Ski
    5. Warrior

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