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Listen To “Still Here” By iann dior

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iann dior

iann dior blesses us with a two-pack Shakur called “Still Here.”

iann dior may not have any capital letters in his name, but that hasn’t stopped him from standing tall these last couple of months. After the release of the very successful “mood” last year (One of my favorite songs of all time), the Texas rapper is finally getting his credit. Well, when you know people f**k with you, what do you do? You release an EP!

Still Here is shorter than Andrew Bogut’s stint on the Lakers. The EP only features two tracks. The first one, “shots in the dark” featuring Trippie Redd, is an alternative rock banger that reminds me of some s**t Juice WRLD would’ve made. The second track, “don’t wanna believe,” is an emo banger that will make you want to cry about a chick that you lost.

Listen to Still Here below.

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