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If you’ve read The Autobiography of Frederick Douglas, you know why Latto needed to change her name.

I am a major Latto fan. I truly believe that she can rap circles around some rappers that you think are hot today. To keep it 100 with you, though, I think her old rap name was holding her back. Now that she has changed it, I expect her to reach heights that are higher than Pike’s Peak. Today, the Atlanta rapper decided to release “The Biggest,” a fierce rap joint that features fire for her critics.

Do you know what I like about Latto? She is as competitive as anyone in the hip-hop game. In “The Biggest,” she hits us with bars that will feel like body blows for critics of her old name, critics of her dating life, and her peers. While I am a fan of her fiery lyrics, I think the best thing about the song is the way Latto hurls out her bars confidently, ferociously, and fearlessly.

Listen to “The Biggest” by Latto below.

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