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An inspirational anthem about not letting the darkness of the world weigh you down.

New Jersey native j.aaron has dealt with more than his fair share of hardships throughout his life. Despite growing up in poverty, coping with violence, being a college dropout, and homelessness, j.aaron managed to leave his past behind and follow his musical passion. His sound reflects what he calls “Black boy joy” as racial inequality and injustice continue to remain a heated topic. “Healing through music” remains j. aarons motto. The single, “Ah Lyke It,” is one of his latest releases.

The track’s light-hearted take on making it through the darker aspects of our days is absolutely charming and filled with unapologetic positivity. Lyrics like “despite living in the world you made, I’m not fucking with the world today” repeatedly voice motivational messages, addressing the struggles added by depression, anxiety, and the cost of living; all of which is voiced by j.aaron’s buttery and charismatic vocals complemented with a blend of r&b and hip-hop sounds. “I Lyke It” is an instant mood booster necessary for anyone feeling stressed due to their mental health or hardships.

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