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Brandon Blvd

Brandon Blvd is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Memphis, Tennessee. He began to receive recognition after his first mixtape, Vengeance Is Mine: Memoirs Of A Lost Soul, dropped in 2016. From that point on, Brandon has released several singles. His most recent drop and first EP is titled Safer At Home. The project addresses the ways COVID-19 affected him as well as the vocalization of his thoughts and emotions concerning the global pandemic.

In Safer at Home, Brandon shares stories of the pandemic through the eyes of an independent artist. Just like in other professions, independent artists were not exempt from the mental, financial, and creative struggles caused by the pandemic over this past year. Brandon Blvd shares his thoughts in a way that makes it easy for his listeners to relate and connect to. His lyricism is purposeful in terms of word choice while remaining engaging and thoughtful. Through each track on the EP, Brandon Blvd displays the talent he has as a hip-hop artist. You will not regret tuning in!

Safer at Home is available now on all major music platforms. Visit Brandon Blvd’s website for more information.




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