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NLE Choppa

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Happy Father’s Day!

NLE Choppa has been on his grown man s**t as of late. These last couple of months, he has talked about the importance of good mental health on social media. Today, NLE decided to release “Letter To My Daughter,” a track in which he lets the world know that he will do anything for his young daughter.

I love the emotions that NLE Choppa shows in “Letter To My Daughter,” even when those emotions come out in a very raw way. Below are a few lines from the song that stood out, to me:

Mom be on some complicatеd shit so I don’t see you
She put the police on me, at the end of the day, it hurt you
Kinda hurt me too, never let life lessons break you
Evaluate the mistake and just wait on your breakthrough
All for you Clover, I turned over a new leaf
But I get the type of treatment that belong to a deadbeat
Know that God and the universe be workin’ for me
Seeing you grow up from afar tends to scare me
Even though shit got rough, I’m still prayin’ for your mama
Hope you get the chance to see my grandpa and my grandma ‘Cause they getting kinda old, and grandpa been getting sick
So Mariah, if you hear this, can you please complete the wish?

If you are a young father, I think this song will really resonate with you.

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