Logic was able to get a few songs from ten years ago cleared for this very special album.

I am someone that respects how hard Logic worked to get to where he is today. For those of you that figured out who he was after listening to his suicide song, just to let you know, he has been spitting some serious bars for at least ten years. Today, Logic decided to release YS Collection Vol. 1, a project that features songs from his earlier mixtapes.


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Below is what Logic said about this project:

“It’s taken us years but we finally cleared songs from over ten years ago for the fans to enjoy!” “The YS Collection is compiled of songs from the Young Sinatra mixtape series. You’ve asked me for years and I’m happy to say it’s finally here!”

While we wait for the new music that Logic plans to release in the next couple of months, I think this mixtape should remind you how skilled of a rapper that he is.