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Dave East & Harry Fraud Keep The Heat Coming With “Diamonds”

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Dave East

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Dave East and Harry Fraud never miss when they link up.

I don’t think enough people appreciate Dave East. I also don’t think that enough people appreciate Harry Fraud. In an effort to kill two birds with one stone, East and Fraud will release a joint project called Hoffa. To get us hyped for the project, the duo decided to drop “Diamonds.”



I like the beat attached to “Diamonds” a lot. It’s serene but also gangsta enough to blast out of your car. As for Dave East’s contributions to the track, they are brilliant. Throughout the song, the Harlem rapper reflects on his rugged come-up, gloating about his ability to bounce back and his willingness to hustle his ass off to get to the bag in the process. If you are a fan of mafioso rap, “Diamonds” is a song that you should add to your music library.

Dave East never lost in the streets.

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