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Justin S. Grant Woos A Gorgeous Woman In “Fuego N’ Ice”

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Justin S. Grant

Believe it or not, “Fuego N’ Ice” is not about the weather in Washington, DC.

Justin S. Grant is a vocalist, lyricist, composer, music producer, audio mixer, and mastering engineer. He’s also a smooth talker. In his latest single, “Fuego N’ Ice,” Justin woos a gorgeous woman using vocals that are uncommon and words that are beyond slick.



“Fuego N’ Ice” features a unique tempo, a vocal performance that straddles the line between hypnotizing and invigorating, and most importantly, lyrics that will let you know how to read the numerous signs that a pretty woman sends you when she’s feeling you. Personally, what I enjoy about “Fuego N’ Ice” is that Justin always sounds in full command in the song, as, throughout, he never does away with his sly demeanor (Women love a man that is consistent).

The music video to “Fuego N’ Ice” is as spicy as it gets. In it, you get to see Justin talk to a strikingly beautiful woman that looks ready to strip down in the name of love (Ooh LA LA).

Watch the music video to “Fuego N’ Ice” below.




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