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Tai Mystique Looks To Solidify Her Hit-making Ways With “Picture Me”

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Picture Me

Tai Mystique

“Picture Me” will follow a string of very impressive releases by Tai Mystique.

Tai Mystique is a Wisconsin-based musician that was destined to be a star. After starting her career as a pianist, she morphed into a singer that has a style that is comparable to R&B legends such as Janet Jackson and Aaliyah. What you will love about Tai is that she likes to create songs that boast memorable melodies.

Tai Mystique has not struck out yet with her releases. Songs like “Addy,” “Be Without Me,” and “Toxic” all have great replayability. For this reason alone, I truly believe that her upcoming single, “Picture Me,” will end up being a track that tons of folks will love. In just a few days (August 20), “Picture Me” will hit streaming services.

Stay tuned for “Picture Me.”




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