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YS VS (Album)

Ys The Legend

Ys The Legend lets us know what he’s all about in “YS VS.”

Ys The Legend is a perfect example of someone who knows how to translate his past experiences into enjoyable music. In a few songs on his catalog, he spills his heart out about his rough come-up, doing it in a way that is very consumable for listeners. If you want to hear even more about the Savannah, GA/Chicago, IL rapper, I highly recommend that you press play on YS VS. 

YS VS starts off with the very explosive “Intro 2” and never looks back. Throughout the seven-track project, you get hard-hitting beats, steady flows, grungy deliveries, and most importantly, lyrics that trappers, hustlers, go-getters, and the strongest can relate to. All in all, I think YS VS boasts just the right amount of trap vibes and hungry bars.

Listen to YS VS Below.




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