ACT III (Album)

Leo Miyagee

Leo Miyagee stays true to himself in “Act III,” blessing us with quality hip-hop music in the process.

Leo Miyagee is a talented hip-hop artist that has been writing music since he was sixteen. What I think music fans will love about him is that he knows how to blend wisdom-filled lyrics with dynamic flows, smooth beats, and irresistible melodies. Leo’s latest release is Act III, a ten-track project that features some of the most therapeutic rap songs that I’ve ever heard.

Leo frolics through Act III using effortless but memorable rap styles. He also does a great job of letting the world know about his come-up, the things that motivate him, what he defines as success, and more. Aside from Leo’s outstanding performances, I think one of the biggest sales about this album is the serene, old-school-sounding hip-hop beats that power most songs. All in all, if you are a true hip-hop fan, you will love Act III.

Listen to Act III below.