YoungBoy Never Broke Again looks to make an impact from jail with the release of “Sincerely, Kentrell.”




5. Nevada

You get one of NBA YoungBoy’s most polished vocal performances in “Nevada.”

If you ask me (I swear, someone in the corner asked me), “Nevada” sorta sounds incomplete… There are moments of random blankness and vocals that don’t quite sound mastered in the song. Nonetheless, I think this track is a dope emotional banger that features some fearless crooning, words that you would expect to hear out of the mouth of a male guest that you might see on The Jerry Springer Show, and a TNT instrumental that might make you cry ghetto tears.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again sings with a purpose and actually provides us with a good structure in this song (I’m impressed).



4. Rich Shit

After pouring his heart out for most of this album, NBA has some fun in “Rich Shit.”

“Rich Shit” kind of reminds me of “Kacey Talk.” Both songs feature an instrumental that is bouncy and playful, very irregular rap deliveries, and completely random lyrics. More than anything, I think this song will make folks want to jump on their mother’s bed or hopscotch.



3. Panoramic

NBA YoungBoy uses a sound that I think he should abuse in “Panoramic.”

Even though “Panoramic” is barely two minutes long, I think it is one of the most satisfying tracks on this album. It features a bass booming/serene instrumental that will strike a chord with you, very sharp rap deliveries, and lyrics that effectively prove that NBA YoungBoy is ten steps ahead of his enemies, his women, and his fans.



2. My Killa

I f**k with a version of NBA YoungBoy that is down to embrace his sly side.

Honestly, you get NBA YoungBoy’s most impressive rap performance in “My Killa.” In the song, he blesses us with a super catchy hook, some pretty sturdy flows, and a good blend of competitive, violent, and braggadocios lyrics.



1. Toxic Punk

I f**k with a version of NBA YoungBoy that is down to embrace his rockstar side.

The first person that came to my mind while listening to “Toxic Punk” was Trippie Redd. Not only does the song title feature the word ‘toxic’ in it, a word that Trippie loves to use, but it also boasts these unholy vibes that allow NBA to hit us with unchained deliveries and rebellious lyrics that would make Trippie proud.


*1. Footstep – Bonus (3/5)

*2. Still Waiting – Bonus (3/5)

3. Bad Morning (3/5)

4. Hold Me Down (4/5)

5. On My Side (3/5)

6. Smoke Strong (2/5)

7. 50 Shots (2/5)

8. No Where (3/5)

9. Sincerely (3/5)

10. I Can’t Take It Back (3/5)

11. Rich Shit (3/5)

12. Toxic Punk (4/5)

13. My Killa (4/5)

14. Life Support (3/5)

15. Break Or Make Me (3/5)

16. Forgiato (2/5)

17. Baddest Thing (3/5)

18. Nevada (3/5)

19. Level I Want To Reach (3/5)

20. Kickstand (3/5)

21. All I Need (3/5)

22. White Teeth (3/5)

23. Panoramic (4/5)




I don’t know, man…

I think the “YoungBoy better” responses that people have been saying on the internet as of late have been hilarious. We all know he isn’t the greatest rapper in the world, but if you ask certain people, they will tell you that he is. With that being said, this Sincerely, Kentrell album will not make NBA detractors change their minds about him.

One thing that you cannot ignore with NBA YoungBoy is his passion. Though he sounds pretty f**king unhinged on this album (That’s actually an understatement), I actually like the fact that he chooses to talk about his love life, his lonely thoughts, and his murderous ways in the rawest ways possible. What I do not like about him being unhinged is that his songs tend to sound way too unorganized, messy, and structureless. I don’t know about you, but it was hard to catch the vibes of most of the songs on this album.

I think I’m officially over the NBA YoungBoy songs in which he plays the Lousiana version of the Grim Reaper. While scouring through this album, the songs that caught my attention were the ones in which he either mixed passionate vocals with impactful raps, or the ones in which he experimented with different sounds. That being said, I thought there were a few times in this album in which NBA YoungBoy actually sounded like a pretty versatile/talented musician.

I don’t know, man… I didn’t really find this album to be enjoyable, well-put-together, or even different from NBA’s last couple of projects. Maybe the lack of creativity has to do with him being in jail while it was being crafted. Whatever the case may be, I don’t think this is NBA’s best work.

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