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Another Baby OTW (Pound Cake Remix)

NLE Choppa

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

NLE Choppa confuses me.

NLE Choppa’s maturation as a human being has been well-documented these last couple of years. When I first heard him spit, he was talking about shooting everything on-site and taking drugs to cope with his pain. These days, the Memphis rapper talks about self-growth and how he’s living extravagantly in his music. In “Another Baby OTW (Pound Cake Remix),” NLE doubles down on his wins, as, throughout the song, he raps about being the s**t and then some.



“Another Baby OTW (Pound Cake)” is powered by Drake’s classic “Pound Cake” beat. Over it, NLE Choppa relentlessly raps about his impressive come-up, his knack for getting to the paper, and his pimpadocios ways. Personally, I don’t love how unsteady his flows are. I do like his confidence, though (Confidence is a skill).

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