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Kross Irwin Calls Out A Wolf In “DIRT ON MY NAME”

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Kross Irwin

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“DIRT ON MY NAME” is off of Kross Irwin’s latest project titled “DISTORTION.”

Kross Irwin is a very talented independent singer/songwriter that hails from Lock Haven, PA. One of his biggest sales is his ability to “switch between a myriad of flows and sound frequencies.” Kross also has intriguing stories to tell as he describes his music as “audio files detailing my own personal hell.” After releasing the very slept-on album PARANOIA just a few months ago, Kross is back with a brand new project titled DISTORTION. One of the best tracks off of DISTORTION is the very intoxicating “DIRT ON MY NAME.”

“DIRT ON MY NAME” is powered by an uptempo, bouncy, and lively punk-hop instrumental. Over it, Kross Irwin uses extremely infectious melodies and passionate deliveries to let a soon-to-be-ex know that he isn’t with their backstabbing, constant harassing, and inconsistencies. Personally, what I love about the song is that it features its fair share of vulnerable lyrics, but also an aggressive spirit that will remind folks that someone else’s worth should never outweigh your own self-worth.

Check out the very impressive “DIRT ON MY NAME” below. While you’re at it, check out DISTORTION, too.

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