Megan Thee Stallion continues her world dominance with the release of “Something For The Hotties.”



5. Thot Shit

“Thot Shit” is an even better version of Megan’s other hit “Don’t Stop.”

Megan Thee Stallion is a natural in “Thot Shit.” In the song, she hits us with an extremely catchy hook, confrontational/carefree lyrics, and flows that even Thor’s hammer cannot break. In my opinion, this is the exact kind of song that makes Megan a special rapper.

Doesn’t this version of “Thot Shit” sound different from the version that came out a few months ago? (Am I trippin?)



4. Let Me See It

Megan Thee Stallion is one demanding lady in “Let Me See It.”

One of Megan’s strongest suits is her ability to sound like a commander on the mic. In other words, she knows how to spit her bars with conviction and hit us with candid lyrics. In “Let Me See It,” Megan is fully in her element. Throughout the song, she hits us with appealing bars that will confirm that she is a pimpish figure that isn’t with folks that be faking.

When it’s all said and done, I think the best thing about this song is its catchy hook and adrenaline-pumping instrumental.



3. Megan’s Piano

Megan Thee Stallion knows damn well that she doesn’t own a piano.

“Megan’s Piano” is a slick, destructive, and mean rap banger. First and foremost, I absolutely love the hard-hitting, piano-heavy instrumental that powers the song. Secondly, I mess with the dynamic flows and antagonistic lyrics that Megan spews out throughout. All in all, “Megan’s Piano” is a lowkey hit.



2. Kitty Kat

This song will definitely blow up on TikTok.

“Kitty Kat” sort of reminds me of “Body.” Both songs feature a hook that straddles the line between catchy and annoying, both songs promote body positivity, and both songs feature action-packed instrumentals. The one difference between “Kitty Kat” and “Body” is that the former sounds like something that you would hear in a stale strip club.


1. Eat It

I am pretty sure that “Eat It” will end up being the biggest track off of this project.

The first thing that came to my mind while listening to “Eat It” was this: DaBaby should’ve been on this song. Obviously, Megan and he are no longer friends, so that’s not happening. Anywho, “Eat It” features its fair share of moments in which it calls for twerking, one of those hooks by Alvin Seville’s jumpoff that will get stuck in your head, and tons of lyrics that will remind me that play-by-play pornos exist.

“Eat It” might end up being 2021’s “WOP.”


1. Tuned In Freestyle (3/5)

2. Megan Monday Freestyle (4/5)

3. Trippy Skit (N/A)

4. Southside Forever Freestyle (4/5)

5. Outta Town Freestyle (4/5)

6. Megan’s Piano (4/5)

7. VickeeLo and Dino Btw Skit (N/A)

8. Eat It (4/5)

9. All Of It (4/5)

10. Warning (4/5)

11. Kitty Kat (4/5)

12. Tina Snow Interlude (4/5)

13. God’s Favorite (3/5)

14. Let Me See It (4/5)

15. Opposite Day (4/5)

16. Freakend (4/5)

17. Bae Goals (4/5)

18. Pipe Up (2/5)

19. Bless The Booth Freestyle (4/5)

20. Thot Shit (4/5)

21. To Thee Hotties (N/A)




Megan Thee Stallion catches so much slack from men, the media, opposing rappers, and blogs. The question that I haven’t gotten from any of her naysayers is whether or not they think that she is a great rapper. After the release of Something For The Hotties, I can confidently say this: Megan is DEFINITELY (With a capital D) a talented rapper.

Something For The Hotties features a bunch of songs that TikTok users will love. I can literally see folks uploading borderline illegal dance videos that feature songs like “Eat It,” “Kitty Kat,” “Warning,” and “Thot Shit.” Smartly, Megan sprinkles in a bunch of raw rap joints that pose as freestyles in between the Tik-Tok-inspired songs in the tracklisting. You can tell that she deliberately wanted to fight for respect but also please her true Hottie fans (Smart).

I love two things about this album: It features no guests and has very consistent production. For Megan to create an unbelievable buzz all by herself is hella impressive (Rappers aren’t doing that these days). As for production-wise, the album features beats that will rattle venues, beats that will get your heart pumping, and beats that really showcase her Houston roots. Kudos to Murda Beatz, Juicy J, and more for their contributions to the album. Also, Kudos to Megan for doing s**t all by her lonesome.

The elephant in the room is this: Megan really talks about the same s**t over and over again in this album. Something For The Hotties mainly revolves around sex, respect being snatched, and haters being put in their places. I get it, Megan has thrived as an underdog these last couple of years, but I do wish she expanded her topics just a tad.

Megan is unapologetic, bold, aggressive, and a helluva rapper. With the release of Something For The Hotties, she once again puts on a show that may not appease rap purists but will appease those who simply want to be entertained by the music that they listen to.

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