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Young Hook Impresses In “You Ain’t Gettin’ My Baby”

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You Ain’t Gettin’ My Baby

Young Hook

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Young Hook just made a track that s**ts on Netflix and Chill.

Boston, MA’s very own, Young Hook, is a rapper that has a passion for music that has been manifesting since he was eight years old. These last couple of years, he has dropped a myriad of tracks that blend authentic raps and smooth beats. In “You Ain’t Gettin’ My Baby,” Hook flexes his singing skills.

“You Ain’t Gettin’ My Baby” boasts a smooth instrumental that will make your heartburn go down. Over it, Young Hook hits us with powerful vocals, hella infectious melodies, and most importantly, lyrics that promote productive bedroom visits and healthy cuffing. More than anything, this song is something that will get stuck in your head very quickly.

Give “You Ain’t Gettin My Baby” a shot below.

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