Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak takes us on a blissful trip to the past as “Silk Sonic.”




Honorable Mention. Fly As Me

“Fly As Me” is such a fire track! I don’t care about no top 3, this song has to be acknowledged!

“Fly As Me” is about self-respect, self-worth, and self-adulation. Since the song features an old-school/groovy instrumental that will make someone dance like the end of their jeans is on fire, you get spicy deliveries and playa-Esque lyrics out of both Bruno and Anderson. If the duo ever decided to go on tour, I think this would be the song that gets folks all the way off their seat.



3. Skate

You know this song is old because people don’t skate in 2021 (COVID might f**k around and clip you while you’re skating outside)…

“Skate” was made in 1969, it was just stashed away for a rainy day. The song features one of the funkiest beats that you would hear today, old-school melodies that are highly infectious, and lyrics that talk about love in a way that is both respectful and tasteful. I mean, more than anything, the song will make you feel all good inside.

2. Smokin Out The Window

You know this song is old because people don’t smoke out of windows in 2021 (COVID might f**k around and seep into your car).

“Smokin Out The Window” is about coping with the stress that comes with dealing with a chick that has a bunch of bad-ass kids, no job, no loyalty, and gold digger tendencies. Despite the song’s toxic subject matter, it does feature a smooth/old-school R&B instrumental and somewhat gentle vocal performances by Anderson and Bruno. However, the lyrics are juicier than a batch of undercooked chicken thighs.

It’s always interesting listening to millionaires complain about being stuck in a relationship with someone that is dusty. Can’t they just buy love from a store (I think Best Buy sells floozies these days)?



1. Leave The Door Open

You know this song is old because people don’t just leave doors open in 2021 (COVID might f**k around turn the knob)…

Someone is going to have to convince me that “Leave The Door Open” was made in 2021. The song features an instrumental that is similar to the instrumentals that our parents made us to, melodies that are radical (Remember when people used to call things that were cool ‘radical?’), and lyrics that simply won’t fly in today’s world (Why the f**k would I leave my door open if people like Chris D’Elia exists?). I will say this, though: There are a few melodies in the song (Specifically, the melody that Anderson .Paak starts the song off with) that reminds me of some s**t that I heard in this decade.

“Leave The Door Open” is a well-crafted/vintage-sounding/smooth gem that will save a few people’s marriages.


1. Silk Sonic Intro (4/5)

2. Leave The Door Open (5/5)

3. Fly As Me (5/5)

4. After Last Night (5/5)

5. Smokin Out The Window (5/5)

6. Put On A Smile (5/5)

7. 777 (5/5)

8. Skate (5/5)

9. Blast Off (3/5)




Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are the crème de la crème when it comes to musicians. They understand music at such a high level, I truly believe that they get bored with making regular music. If I were to guess, SIlk Sonic was created by Bruno and Anderson to show how different they are from everyone else in the industry.

Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak put on a thought-provoking, vintage-sounding, riveting, theatre-Esque, and dynamic show in An Evening With Silk Sonic. While listening to the album, I found myself engulfed in literally every word, every melody, and every soliloquy that the two singers provided us with. I also found myself engulfed in the myriad of spunky/powerful/old-school-sounding beats. At the end of the day, An Evening With Silk Sonic is a successful evening (Can we have three more evenings, fellas?).

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