Mark Universe spits out-of-this-worldly bars in “Ozone.”




5. Inspiration

Mark Universe sounds rejuvenated & recharged in “Inspiration.”

“Inspiration” is powered by a semi-smooth trap beat. Over it, Mark Universe blesses us with one of his best hooks to date, very infectious melodies, and abominable flows. He also hits us with lyrics that will remind you to dream big and have trust in the things that you love.

“Inspiration” should resonate with anyone that listens to the song.



4. Familiar

We are definitely “Familiar” with familiar as we have played the song over 120 times in two months.

Believe it or not, the bouncy trap beat that you hear on “Familiar” was initially made to be a ringtone (I do hear some sounds that would be perfect for a ringtone in it). As for the lyrics that you hear in the song, they should make Mark’s haters crumble. Throughout his verses, the Alabama rapper reminds folks that he is someone that praises Jesus but also knows about the street life, that he is someone that was born to hustle his butt off, and that he is someone that is interested in rapping into his 80s. You can tell that Mark was gassed up when he laid down his raps.

3. Loss To Learns

Mark Universe talks about turning his setbacks into wins in “Loss To Learns.”

If you don’t feel motivated to hustle harder, to get off your couch, or to go to DeVry after you are done listening to “Loss To Learns,” your ancestors must’ve been slackers. The song features a beat that will knock things off walls, explosive rap deliveries, impregnable flows, a hypnotizing hook, and lyrics that will remind folks that Mark is one of the most resilient/toughest/competitive/ambitious individuals on this planet.

If you are aware of Mark Universe’s journey, you will understand why this song is so important to him. Throughout the years, he has been putting in major work, despite going through several major setbacks along the way. You know what they say, right? Some of the best winners were the individuals that overcame a few losses in their lives.



2. Welcome to the Show

I love both the cockiness and force that Mark raps with in “Welcome to the Show.”

Talk your ish, Mark! After dropping music for all of these years, I think you deserve to.

Not only do I like the fact that Mark decided to stick his chest out in “Welcome to the Show,” but I also like the fact that he decided to drop feverish bars over the song’s action-packed instrumental. These are the kind of tracks that will make folks give Mark his flowers.



1. High Beaming and Steaming

Mark Universe sounds fully gassed up in “High Beaming and Steaming” (Gas ain’t cheap these days either).

Mark Universe decided to close out Ozone powerfully. “High Beaming and Steaming” is an electro-powered banger that features some of the most unique flows I’ve ever heard and ultra-competitive lyrics. I can tell that Mark wanted every bar that he released to feel like a punch to the gut for his haters.


1. Ozone (4/5)

2. Arrived (3/5)

3. Wisdom and Winning (3/5)

4. Familiar (4/5)

5. Inspiration (4/5)

6. All You Need To Know (4/5)

7. Legitimate (3/5)

8. Loss To Learns (4/5)

9. Welcome to the Show (3/5)

10. High Beaming and Streaming (4/5)




I’m not exactly sure if Mark Universe’s last name refers to his ability to drop out-of-this-worldly bars, but he definitely does in OZONE.

OZONE is a ten-track project that features bars galore. Not just any bars — bars that are filled with meaningful sentiments. Throughout the album, Mark Universe talks about everything from being motivated to reach the top of his craft to overcoming trials and tribulations. While his lyrics are pretty effective (I feel like he sounds really comfortable in his own skin on this album), in this particular project, it’s the experimental production, dynamic flows, and interesting melodies that catch my attention.