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Listen To “A Different Christmas” By Bryson Tiller

A Different Christmas (Album)

Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller tries his hand at Christmas jingles in “A Different Christmas.”

Asking Santa Claus to make Bryson Tiller drop a full-length album for Christmas is probably a stretch. Fortunately, we did get a new Christmas project out of the Louisville singer.



This might be the most surprising/bizarre release of 2021. A Different Christmas features seven tracks; one of them is Sesame Street-Esque, a bunch of them sound like the typical emotional R&B s**t that you are used to hearing out of Bryson, and some sound like some s**t that your parents would actually play on Christmas day. There’s not a semblance of trap, ratchetness, pettiness, or sappiness on this album; just heartwarming and holiday vibes (Well, I actually think he complains a little in the song with Kiana Ledé).

Kiana Ledé, Justin Bieber, and Poo Bear make guest appearances on this album.

I am officially in Christmas spirit (Which means I am officially in broke spirit… S**t is expensive these days).


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