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Snoop Dogg Presents Algorithm (Album Review)

Snoop Dogg unites a wide variety of artists for “Algorithm.”




Honorable Mention. Applying Pressure

I shook my ass to “Applying Pressure” like it was December 31st, 1999 and I knew my laptop wasn’t going to blow up because of Y2K. 

I think that YK Osiris oversings like Tyrese overacts, but in “Applying Pressure,” he actually takes it easy vocally. As for Snoop Dogg, in the song, he sounds like that one random-ass high dude that floats from stranger to stranger in clubs.



Honorable Mention. Anxiety

A star is born in “Anxiety.”

I do not know who Malaya is but what I can tell you is this: She absolutely shines in “Anxiety!” I love the flair that she sings with, the vulnerable lyrics she drops, and the overall confidence that she shows in the song. Matter of fact, for her to tame the early 90s-Esque/Ice Cube type beat the way she did needs to be applauded.



5. Big Subwoofer

There’s no California hip-hop If four of the five people on this song didn’t exist: Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40, and Too $hort.

“Big Subwoofer” is a bass booming track that features verses that are refreshingly reckless, lowkey gangsta, and hella appealing (I feel like West Coast rappers from the past know how to make their raps burn). Honestly, this song deserves a top 5 spot simply for nostalgic purposes.



4. New Oldie

You get outstanding vocal performances by Eric Bellinger and Usher in “New Oldie.”

Snoop Dogg probably didn’t have to say a word for “New Oldie” to be a hit; the song’s soothing beat, comforting vocal performances, and lyrics about embracing classics will win your heart. Nonetheless, Snoop’s reflective verse definitely makes the song feel authentically old.



3. Qualified

I just started getting hip to Larry June. I am very impressed with his performance in “Qualified.”

S**t, everything about “Qualified” is dope: The song’s slick-ass beat, October London’s passionate hook, Snoop’s consistent flows and aggressive lyrics, and Larry June’s extra sly raps. I have not a single complaint about this song.



2. Like My Weed

Greatness is displayed in “Like My Weed.”

JANE HANDCOCK has a very weird last name and talent out the wazoo. In “Like My Weed,” she puts up an Erykah Badu/Noname-Esque performance. What’s even cooler is that she masterfully merges lyrics about smoking weed and the troubles of the world in the song.

JANE HANDCOCK will one day go down as the greatest musician to grace this earth… WATCH (My dude, do you hear how good of a rapper AND singer she is?)!



1. Steady

“Steady” is probably the most complete/powerful track on this album.

“Steady” is a riveting banger that features an emotional hook by Camino, one of Wiz Khalifa’s hardest verses in a while, and a verse by D Smoke that highlights his ability to put words together in a poetic/engrossing manner. I don’t care who you are, the coast you rep, or how you pressed play on this album, there’s no way that this song didn’t move you.


1. Intro (N/A)

2. Alright (3/5)

3. No Bammer Weed (4/5)

4. New Oldie (5/5)

5. Make Some Money (4/5)

6. Anxiety (5/5)

7. Like My Weed (5/5)

8. Applying Pressure (4/5)

9. Go To War (4/5)

10. I Want You (4/5)

11. GYU (3/5)

12. Inspiration (3/5)

13. Big Subwoofer (4/5)

14. Murder Music (3/5)

15. Been Thru (4/5)

16. Qualified (5/5)

17. Everybody Dies (3/5)

18. By & By (4/5)

19. Diamond Life (3/5)

20. Whatever You On (4/5)

21. Make It Last (3/5)

22. No Smut On My Name (3/5)

23. Get My Money (4/5)

24. Steady (5/5)

25. Outro (N/A)

26. Alright (Redman & Method Man feat. Nefertitti Avani & Aczino) (N/A)

27. Alright (Redman & Method Man feat. Nefertitti Avani & Joe Flizzow) (N/A)

28. Alright (Redman & Method Man feat. Nefertitti Avani & SAAY) (N/A)

29. No Bammer Weed (Snoop Dogg feat. Näääk) (N/A)

30. New Oldie (Eric Bellinger & Snoop Dogg feat. Glenn Lewis) (N/A)

31. Make Some Money (Fabolous & Dave East feat. Snoop Dogg & EAZ) (N/A)

32. Make Some Money (Fabolous & Dave East feat. Snoop Dogg & Lucasraps) (N/A)

33. Applying Pressure (YK Osiris feat. Snoop Dogg & Lani Mo) (N/A)

34. I Want You (October London feat. Cory) (N/A)

35. Murder Music (Snoop Dogg feat. Benny The Butcher, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes & Guè) (N/A)

36. Murder Music (Snoop Dogg feat. Benny The Butcher, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes & Potter Payper) (N/A)

37. Qualified (Snoop Dogg feat. Larry June, October London & Yung Raja) (N/A)

38. No Smut On My Name (Snoop Dogg feat. Battle Locco, Kokane & KEZ) (N/A)

39. No Smut On My Name (Snoop Dogg feat. Battle Locco, Kokane & Phonixthecool) (N/A)

40. Get My Money (Snoop Dogg feat. ProHoeZak & MC Zaac) (N/A)




I’m not sure I understand why this album exists… Did Snoop drop it to get out of his Def Jam contract? Did he feel like dropping an album with a bunch of random people just because? Whatever the case may be, there are some very dope tracks on this album.

So, this album features some interesting musicians: Redman, Method Man, Usher, Eric Bellinger, Mary J. Blige, E-40, Ice Cube, Too $hort, Dave East, Fabolous, Benny The Butcher, Yk Osiris, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, and more. What’s even more interesting is that Snoop asks everyone that I just mentioned to perform over instrumentals that don’t quite fit their styles. So, at times, this album sounds a little awkward and oftkilter. At the end of the day, I have a feeling that Snoop wanted folks to just have fun and let loose on this album.

The veterans did their thing on this album, but man oh man did the newcomers shine bright! Artists such as JANE HANDCOCK (Geez, I’m going to stop saying her full name) and Malaya really carried this album with captivating performances. Matter of fact, I recommend that you only listen to the tracks that they are on if you only have a few minutes to spare in your day.

Snoop is not featured much on this album (He’s probably in 45% of this album). When you do hear him, he either talks for a little bit or tries to sound like a legit crooner. On the real, it’s his presence that makes this album go.

Snoop is such a lovable hip-hop figure. You can tell that he generally is a fan of a wide variety of music, so he likes to have fun with s**t from time to time. This album isn’t the greatest, but it is very entertaining.

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