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Alexa Cappelli Guards Her Heart with “Whiplash”

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Alexa Cappelli

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A catchy pop tune that reflects on relatable insecurities when it comes to love.

Southern California native Alexa Cappelli is a singer and songwriter who loves to make music that brings people together. She first debuted back in 2019 with the well-received EP The Colors That Make You. With a long-standing passion for performing as a singer, Cappelli enjoys combining her lyrics and vocals with mesmerizing storytelling. The pop artist says, “My goal is to always write from the heart.” Cappelli’s latest release is the pop single “Whiplash” and its accompanying music video. According to a recent interview, “Whiplash” reflects on being indecisive when it comes to romance. The artist says, “I’ve noticed that in my attempts to keep the peace when talking to someone new, I end up trying to create a security blanket through disclaimers.”

Starting out with an attention-grabbing blend of instrumentals that hint at the song’s moody tone, the single’s combination of catchy pop beats and acoustic sound will have you listening to “Whiplash” on repeat. Lyrics like “I’m impatient, I want to skip to the heart of it” and “Don’t you get attached, ’cause I self-sabotage, sorry, my bad” reflect on the struggles of modern romance with heartfelt honesty. You definitely don’t want to miss out on Alex Cappelli’s ultra relatable new track, so check out “Whiplash” and experience an authentic take on relationships that reminds its listeners that it isn’t always easy to take a chance on true love.

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