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Sneaky Link Anthem



This song sounds like “Splash Waterfalls 2022.”

If DaBaby could ball up his 2021 and throw that s**t in the trash, I am sure he would. The good news about life is that things tend to reset every year (somewhat). With that being said, DaBaby decided to enter 2022 with a brand new slow jam called “Sneaky Link Anthem.”

I beg you to not ask me what “Sneaky Link Anthem” means… What I can tell you is this: The song is very interesting. Backed by an instrumental that makes me want to pour some hot syrup on my chest, DaBaby hits us with both gritty raps and melodic raps that will let you know the many ways that he gets his chicks to keep him satisfied (Yes, most of those ways are porn related). Personally, I don’t love the song, but I do like DaBaby’s willingness to experiment.

Y’all think that DaBaby can make a major comeback in 2022?


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