Ollie Calls Out To Isolation In “Selfish”

A captivating hip-hop track that addresses inner struggles with honesty.

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A captivating hip-hop track that addresses inner struggles with honesty.

Canadian musical creative, Ollie, is a contemporary rap artist from a small town near Toronto who rose to the top. Initially starting out on YouTube, the artist has over 160 million streams on Spotify, and nearly half a billion across YouTube and Pandora. Ollie considers music to be the universal connector that resonates with his fans; He claims that “together, we’re lonely in this confusing world, empowered by the songs that play over and over for the majority of our days.” Ollie’s hip-hop song “Selfish” is one of four tracks off his new EP Underrated, which dropped earlier this year. Additionally, “Selfish” has an accompanying music video.

With a mellow backdrop of warm instrumentals, “Selfish” offers up an ear-pleasing combination of beats to vibe to. Meanwhile, Ollie reflects on some of his innermost struggles. Lyrics like “The person I try to be is in a battle, With the devil, telling me to go stray” and “Because I keep carrying all of this well don’t mean that the pain disappear, ’cause it won’t” get personal; They address the artist’s tendency to isolate himself from others. It’s something we all are familar with, and so we can all relate to feeling self-absorbed in order to deal with problems alone. This balanced blend of infectious sound and emotional lyrics leaves us questioning how selfish we can be. Ollie’s “Selfish” is the perfect addition to any hip-hop playlist, so don’t leave it out of yours.

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