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Kodak Black – Back For Everything (Album Review)

Kodak Black’s first official release since his release, “Back For Everything,” exhibits the best of his many worlds.




5. Vulnerable (Free Cool)

Kodak Black really spills his heart out in “Vulnerable (Free Cool).”

I always love listening to songs in which we get to understand the demons that rappers face when they are not forced to be on; you’ll learn about Kodak’s demons while listening to “Vulnerable (Free Cool).” Over an emotional instrumental, Kodak soulfully sings about being backstabbed by his friends, being lonely, and doing everything he can to find happiness. I think the pain in his voice makes it a really striking track.



4. Sink My Ship

Kodak tries to keep his head above water in “Sink My Ship”

“Sink My Ship” might be the catchiest track on this album. The hook Kodak blesses us with on the song will definitely get stuck in your head after only one listen. As for lyrically, Kodak does a good job of coming across as a street scholar that women love and dudes hate. He also comes across as a dude that could lead a church choir.

3. Let Me Know

Kodak Black gives us an earful to start off this album.

I’m not sure I’ve heard someone open up an album so focused, so raw, and so good. “Let Me Know,” the album’s intro, features flawless deliveries, a beat that is just as touching as it is hard, and lyrics that perfectly describe how misunderstood, thoughtful, hard-working, competitive, and unique Kodak is deep down.



2. Take You Back

Believe it or not, Kodak Black and Lil Durk may have the biggest love song of the year on their hands.

“Take You Back” is an unbelievably emotional track. Matter of fact, I’m wiping tears off my face as we speak. In it, Kodak Black and Lil Durk sing passionately about obtaining get-out-of-jail-free cards from their respective women. I think the song’s melodies are outstanding and the lyrics that both rappers drop are deep. If Mario was on this s**t, it would be a classic song.



1. Super Gremlin

Kodak Black is in a special zone in “Super Gremlin.”

I wonder if “Super Gremlin” was meant to be as big as it became. If I were to guess, Kodak used the song as a way to address his issues with Jackboy, not knowing that the s**t would end up being a classic. Whatever the case may be, there isn’t a single time in which I don’t get hyped listening to the song.


1. Let Me Know (5/5)

2. Back For Everything (4/5)

3. Grinding All Season (3/5)

4. Smackers (4/5)

5. On Everything (3/5)

6. Purple Stamp (3/5)

7. Midas Touch (4/5)

8. Sink My Ship (4/5)

9. Usain Boo (4/5)

10. Elite Division (4/5)

11. Omega (3/5)

13. Hitting Houses (4/5)

14. Love Isn’t Enough (3/5)

15. Take You Back (4/5)

16. He Love The Streets (4/5)

17. Super Gremlin (5/5)

18. I Wish (4/5)

19. Love & War (4/5)




Out of all of the young rappers in the game, Kodak Black is my favorite. Though he bulls**ts in his music from time to time, when he’s focused, I feel like he’s a great listen. In Back For Everything, you get moments in which Kodak bulls**ts, but for the most part, he gifts us with high-quality raps.

It’s no secret that Kodak Black has a war going on between his good side and his bad side right now. I mean, s**t, if you follow him on social media, you’ll see all the trouble he randomly finds himself in. In Back For Everything, Kodak Black does an outstanding job of rapping about the power struggle he goes through in his life, vividly describing his feelings every step of the way (Kodak is fantastic at transferring his feelings into lyrics). More than anything, this album is the perfect portrait of a misunderstood and doubted project baby.

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5 thoughts on “Kodak Black – Back For Everything (Album Review)

  1. I think he’s finally reaching that next step for his carreer with this album, which I think is his best and deepest to date.

    1. I definitely agree with that. I think he’s getting better at putting his feelings into his raps and experimenting tastefully. I think this album is fantastic for him.

  2. Why did you rate let me know under take you back when you gave let me know a 5 and take you back a 4?

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