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If Not Now, When? (EP)


Russ surprises us with a brand new EP called “If Not Now, When?”

As you may already know, Russ is starting his world tour really soon. To get us hyped up for it, he decided to release If Not Now, When?, a four-track project that features nothing but cold-ass rap verses.


I think it’s safe to say that I prefer MC Russ more than crooner Russ (And I love crooner Russ). Thankfully, If Not Now, When? features both versions of Russ. What I love about the project is that the New Jersey-born creative intentionally hurls out clever punchlines, outstanding wordplay, and deep lyrics in literally every song. It’s almost like he made the EP while his critics were in the room with him. All in all, If Not Now, When? is yet another impressive project by Russ.

Russ is slowly becoming my favorite rapper.

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