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New Age (Album)


This is one of the most versatile projects I’ve heard this year.

Do you know what I love about Caralisc? He seems like a down-to-earth guy that has talent out the wazoo. Throughout the last three years, he has created some of the most well-crafted and memorable tracks on the globe. Caralisc’s latest release, New Age, is a 20-track project that I think is captivating.

New Age has its pop moments, its alternative moments, its hip-hop moments, and its indie moments. The way Caralisc navigates through each style is hella impressive. Not only does he adjust rather efficiently, but he also finds ways to get lost in the instrumentals that he is handed. As much as I love how this album plays out sonically, I do admire how Caralisc lets his feelings about everything from his growth to his impressions on love to the dreams he aspires to chase manifest itself. All in all, New Age is a beautiful body of work that feels oh-so authentic.

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