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SZA, we don’t need a deluxe to “CTRL,” we need the follow-up to “CTRL.”

Beggars are honest people. With that being said, I would’ve preferred it if SZA dropped a new album as opposed to a deluxe to an album that was released five years ago. Unfortunately, beggars can’t be choosers, so I will not complain.


The deluxe version of CTRL boasts seven new tracks. While you probably haven’t heard six of them, the last one is an alternative version of “Love Galore” with Travis Scott. All in all, I hope this deluxe to CTRL gets politicians to provoke SZA to make a brand new album.


1. Supermodel
2. Love Galore (Ft. Travis Scott)
3. Doves in the Wind (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)
4. Drew Barrymore
5. Prom
6. The Weekend
7. Go Gina
8. Garden (Say It Like Dat)
9. Broken Clocks
10. Anything
11. Wavy (Interlude) (Ft. James Fauntleroy)
12. Normal Girl
13. Pretty Little Birds (Ft. Isaiah Rashad)
14. 20 Something
15. Love Galore (Alt Version) (Ft. Travis Scott)
16. 2AM
17. Miles
18. Percolator
19. Tread Carefully
20. Awkward
21. Jodie

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