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Pain On Me

Zo the Artist

A hypnotic hip-hop track that shares an emotional tale.

Atlanta-based musical creative, Lorenzo McClinton Jr., also known as Zo The Artist, is a dynamic producer, musician, and hip-hop artist. Zo was self-taught at a young age, and he subsequently used music as an outlet to escape from reality. His unique tracks offer emotion-ridden lyrics that exude “passion, pain, and the struggle of the inner city.” Since his debut in 2020 with the well-received single “Rainy Days,” he has only continued to push boundaries. The intention is to give his listeners a genuinely innovative musical experience. These experiences are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Zo The Artist’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “Pain on Me,” which features rwrXero.

“Pain on Me” is hypnotic and emotional, and relates to listeners almost immediately. Lyrics like “Mostly, I be separate from my body; I can’t feel a thing. Imma keep away from you to keep myself from feeling pain” and “I’m a firm believer that people stay the same but feelings change” get personal. There’s also a sharply delivered authenticity to each and every word Zo hits us with. It’s obvious that he has no problems making himself clear to us. So, press play on Zo The Artist’s “Pain On Me” to immerse yourself in a solid storytelling experience.

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