A pop gem with R&B elements and romantic vibes.

Vancouver, Canada-based musical creative, Gen, is a singer-songwriter with a huge personality. Her standout style incorporates “moody pop and alternative R&B” elements for songs that feel personal and sound fresh. Gen released her debut single “Damage” back in the spring of 2021. More recently, she dropped the single “Drive You.” These songs and more are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Instagram. Gen’s latest release is the pop single “Company.”

Uplifting and ethereal, “Company” is mesmerizing and melodic. It explores the love of falling in love, and the other side that comes with it, in a heartfelt ode. Lyrics like “Scared of getting hurt; yeah, I’m terrified/ ut then you look me in my eyes and everything is alright” and “So, baby, please will you be honest with me?/ ‘Cause all I’m craving is your company” show off the artist’s vulnerable side and her growing feelings towards her crush. All in all, “Company” is a dreamy and romantic tale that inspires us with its melody while making us think about the lyrics. So, stream Gen’s “Company” today to learn why we all need to have some every now and then.

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